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You have the incredible task of growing great companies in Great Falls by finding talented people. Let us take a few things off your plate. The Great Falls Development Authority’s mission is to support your search for the best talent in Montana and across the nation. In fact, that’s why we built this website – to tell the story of Great Falls to talent. We help people find their people.

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Trailing Partner Email Group

Have you ever offered a position to a star candidate who didn’t end up relocating – or worse, left after a few months – because their significant other couldn’t find meaningful work in Great Falls? Never again!

Solve your “trailing partner problem” and join the Trailing Partner Email Group: an opt-in email group that allows employers to share resumes of trailing partners of candidates the employer is hiring with other local employers, giving those other local employers an opportunity to add to their team while helping out yours. You will occasionally receive resumes straight to your inbox – great potential for your next hire!

Enter your information here to join the Trailing Partner Email Group:

If you have a resume of a trailing partner you’d like to share with the group, email the resume (with permission of the owner) to Great Falls Development Authority’s Senior Vice President Jolene Schalper, who will then share it with the Trailing Partner Email Group.

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Sharing Your Jobs Online

Are you hiring for a job position that is either a high-skill, high-salary, or out-of-the-box/unique/creative position for which someone would pack their bags and relocate? If so, email Jolene to have that job included in the next Hot Jobs in Great Falls blog series and on the ‘Live in Great Falls’ Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

Please give us a follow on the above accounts and keep in mind to share our content on your social media accounts – that way those following you see how great living and working in Great Falls really is! We’ll always share your positive posts about Great Falls as well! Remember to tag us, @LiveinGreatFallsMT

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Tools to "Sell" Great Falls

You convince talent to take the job—we want to help you convince them to live in Great Falls. The GFDA will make sure you have all the information talent needs to know to make a relocation decision. Below are just a few links to start with – but don’t hesitate to contact us to receive tailored information:

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We help you hire.

The Great Falls Development Authority is ready to consult and connect you to the right talent resources.

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