Child Care in Great Falls

Find a little TLC for your little one at one of Great Falls’ top-notch child care options

We get it. You’re ready to jump into work, but only want the highest-quality child care for your little one. Whether you’re looking for a top-quality preschool to prepare your youngster for Kindergarten or simply want a loving and safe environment for your baby while you’re away, child care options in Great Falls are as expansive as our beautiful terrain.

If you’d like help looking for the right child care option for your family, Family Connections offers referrals to licensed and registered child care facilities for families of all income levels, just fill out this free form.

Child Care Centers

You’ll find three types of licensed child care options in Montana: family care, group care, and center care. Each option is differently suited to address the specific needs of the families they serve – but rest assured, whichever licensed option you choose will be a great one.

Child care centers are out-of-home environments  in which day care and early learning is provided for thirteen or more children on a regular basis. Some centers include formal preschool programs, however all facilities provide early learning experiences. Licensed child care centers provide positive, safe and healthy learning environments for children.

Explore a few of our Child Care Centers in Great Falls:

Play N Learn Academy 
St. Thomas Child and Family Center
TLC Center

Play and learn

Group Care

Group care provides a more informal experience and can be based out of a private residence or other location. Care is provided by two caring adults for up to twelve children on a regular basis.

A young girl wearing a pink hat swings on a swingset

Family Care

Looking for a more family-like environment? Then Family Care is for you! Family programs are based out of  private residences in which care is provided for up to six children on a regular basis. The small number of children to adults lends to a more home like experience.

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