Getting Around

The only place where miles per hour actually works

You won’t really have a commute in Great Falls. Yeah, you’ll get in your car and drive to work (or bike!). But all the wasted time in public transport lines or watching dizzying cycles of green, yellow, and red until you’re through the intersection? We don’t have time for that.

Did you know over 80% of Great Falls residents travel to work in less than 20 minutes (the average is 13.7 minutes), compared to 41% for the U.S. average? We spend that extra 39% of time hiking with our families, drinking craft beer with friends or DIY-ing just about anything. This is living.

Get the greater share of time, space and joy that you deserve – in Great Falls, Montana.


Yes, we have cars and electricity. No, we don’t ride horses to work*.

Getting around in Great Falls is no-stress. “Heavy traffic” means maybe sitting at a stoplight for more than 3 minutes. Roads are wide and well-paved and salt is poured as soon as it snows. On occasion and when the weather allows, people even walk and bike.

That said, you’re probably going to want a car. Parts of Great Falls are walker- and biker-friendly, but given winter conditions up to eight months a year and hundreds of miles of outdoor activity surrounding the city, your road bike might not fare well on 8” of snow. Your call, though.

As of 2020, there are 18 Electric Vehicle charging stations in the city.


A man loads paddleboards on top of his car

Alternative Transportation

Uber and Lyft both operate in Great Falls, as well as local on-demand taxi and limousine service, BlackedOut 406.

Public busses connect the city… and the fare? $1 per ride, and less for students. The Great Falls Transit District (GFTD) has been providing bus transportation to Great Falls and Black Eagle since February 1982.  Buses travel throughout the community along seven routes, and service is available Monday through Saturday (except holidays).

A taxi sign is lit up on top of a car

Air Travel

Should you need to leave Montana’s splendor, you can fly via Great Falls International Airport direct to 7 major cities across the West Coast, Midwest, and Southwest (including Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and more) on Delta, United, Alaska, Allegiant and others.

Even better? From the furthest location within city limits, it’s still only a 20 minute drive to the airport.


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