Welcome to Great Falls

Welcome to natural springs and local brews and hiking trails and the best ‘dam community of people you’ve ever met.

This kind of untamed natural beauty is for adventurers with conviction. People with passion. Independent spirits with a lust for living. Folks who appreciate hiking the trails before work and attending the symphony after.

Top Industries in Great Falls

The Great Falls economy doesn’t end with these three industries, but it sure does start with them. Technology, finance and back office jobs also play a significant role in the market. Whatever you’re interested in, you’re guaranteed to find good people committed to their work wherever you end up. Welcome to working in Great Falls.

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Thinking about moving to Great Falls? Already made your decision but want to know more about what’s going on in our great city? Check out the Great Falls Livability Magazine, highlighting education, housing, recreation, food & drinks and more.




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