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People Doing Cool Things in Great Falls
October 8, 2021

The Great People, Great Falls series features Great Falls community members who are doing cool things under the Big Sky.

Gwen Fleming has called places all across America home – but she and her family have settled in Great Falls, Montana. Why? Read on:

How long have you lived in Great Falls, and are you a native or did you relocate to the region? Why did you relocate, if so? 

I’m not from Great Falls, but I moved here five years ago for work. My Montana roots run deep; my family has a ranch in the Gallatin Valley. I’ve lived from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles – ish; I invariably return home to Montana … every time. (The pull to be near my family is strong.) 


What do you do for work?                                                                  

I think people are surprised by the opportunities that exist in Great Falls; I know I was. I am a Content Creator at The Wendt Agency. In my position, I get to A.) work with a fantastic team of dedicated professionals, B.) work with incredible clients who, in turn, work to make our community and state a wonderful place to live, and C.) I get to write copy that transforms and inspires. You could say it’s a dream job for me.  

What is the best part of working/ living in Great Falls?  

The best part of working/ living in Great Falls are the open spaces, hidden treasures, and good neighbors.  

I’ve discovered that Great Falls’ kind and helpful people are its greatest resource. The community works hard to host fun events the whole family can participate in. And unlike some of its Montana sister cities, Great Falls is very affordable. The job opportunities balanced with a reasonable cost of living is why I have continued to stay. 

What is the best kept secret about living in Great Falls? 

In the winter, the city hosts an event called the Parade of Lights. Brightly lit, decorated floats promenade down Central Avenue in succession as colorfully mitten clad bystanders line the streets to wave at them. Then at the end of the parade, Santa Clause on his sleigh rides to the Civic Center to light the city Christmas tree. The crowd swells and gathers around Santa and the tree to countdown the turning on of the lights. 10-9-8 … 3-2-1! The whole community unites and cheers in celebration.  

Parade of Lights, pop up downtown night market, Summer Jam, farmer’s market; the best kept secret about living here is that Great Falls has an amazing sense of community. 

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The Great People, Great Falls series features Great Falls community members who are doing cool things under the Big Sky.