Great Falls is the Best City for Foodies in Montana

September 14, 2021

Originally posted on Insurify:

The United States has no shortage of premier culinary destinations and small-town food hotspots. As American foodies look forward to fall harvests and perfect outdoor dining weather, they should consider checking out these top food cities in each state. 

Although the term “foodie” might spark thoughts of Michelin-star restaurants, being a true food lover is about so much more than fine dining. Being a foodie means seeking out new food experiences, engaging with different cuisines, and ultimately, taking a deep pleasure in the simple act of eating. As such, good food can take various forms for food lovers: a rich entrée in a cozy French bistro, a plate of authentic Mexican tacos, a fresh farm-to-table salad, or even a warm home-cooked meal.

A city with an inviting and exciting food scene should therefore offer not only diverse or upscale restaurant options, but also a great variety of specialty food establishments: bakeries and cheese shops, grocery stores with fresh produce and cooking staples, and exciting street food options like food trucks or farmers markets. Plus, a true foodie city must have affordable food and dining choices, so all food lovers are included.

Every city in the U.S. has something unique to offer restaurant-goers and food-focused shoppers alike. Certain metropolitan areas, however, provide a plethora of ways to engage with their local cuisine that are sure to attract almost any food lover. With this in mind, data scientists at Insurify crunched the numbers to identify the best city for foodies in every state…

Find out which cities made the cut here.